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70cm Artificial Monstera *Pre-order*70cm Artificial Monstera *Pre-order*
70cm Artificial Monstera *Pre-order*
Sale price$55.00 Regular price$85.00
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120cm Artificial Colocasia *Pre-order*120cm Artificial Colocasia *Pre-order*
120cm Artificial Colocasia *Pre-order*
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100cm Artificial Monstera *Pre-order*100cm Artificial Monstera *Pre-order*
100cm Artificial Monstera *Pre-order*
Sale price$70.00 Regular price$115.00
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90cm Artificial Philodendron *Pre-order*90cm Artificial Philodendron *Pre-order*
90cm Artificial Philodendron *Pre-order*
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28cm Artificial Mini Monstera28cm Artificial Mini Monstera
28cm Artificial Mini Monstera
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60cm Artificial Monstera60cm Artificial Monstera
60cm Artificial Monstera
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170cm Artificial Monstera170cm Artificial Monstera
170cm Artificial Monstera
Sale price$135.00 Regular price$225.00

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Artificial Monstera Plants

Discover the Timeless Beauty of Artificial Monstera Plants at The Plant Factory

Bring the Tropics Home

Unveiling Our Collection

It is The Plant Factory, which is presenting with great pride and pleasure its absolutely beautiful range of Artificial monstera Plants to be presented as Flagship Bases from their collection of Designer Artificial Plants.

Very tropical indeed is the artificial monstera plant, with its signature split leaves, that adds a tropical feel to any room with style that is easy and elegant yet makes the boldest of statements. Our artificial monstera plants capture all those timeless appeals, bringing realistic appeal into any space without all the upkeep a real plant requires.

The Beauty of Versatility Our range of artificial monstera plants from The Plant Factory is not just a decorative piece but makes some fantastic accents that can totally stylize any dull setting of your home. So whether in a cosy corner of home, accenting space at your office, or adding ambiance to the bathroom, such plants offer sophistication and truly a fresh breath of the enlivened setting.
And by having that "wow" look, their alluring beauty made them the centrepieces and their timelessness perfect with any decor there may be, from minimalist to bohemian, contemporary to rustic.

Ease of Care

The best part with these Artificial monstera Plants is that one is spared from worrying about the care associated with watering schedules, problems of sunlight, and brown leaves.
Our artificial monstera plant remains green without keeping up with its shape, thus being perfect for a busy family environment or heavy use at commercial settings like hotels or restaurants.

Styling with Artificial Monstera

Incorporating Artificial Monstera Plants into your home decor is a breeze. Here are a few tips to get you started:

In the living room: adorn the interior with a large artificial monstera placed near the sofa or in any free corner of the room. Office: A small to medium monstera, whether artificial, can be placed on your desk or bookshelf and will make a great introduction to bring a fresh aspect into your working space.

Bathroom: Turn your bath into a tropical spa with a fake monstera that exudes modern bath bushes to perfection.

Why Choose The Plant Factory?
Not only will we offer greenery, but we will bring designer artificial plants right to your home, including our exclusive Artificial Monstera Plants. Our quality commitment guarantees each to be meticulously crafted with unparalleled realism sure to rival nature.

Buying through us is buying an investment piece of art that will represent your good taste and effort.

The Plant Factory Difference

Premium Quality: Every artificial monstera is made by quality standards from highest-grade materials that ensure durability in usage and lifelikeness of representation.

Designer Varieties: The designer offers the best set variety between the different sizes of designers and even the taste of the style for each customer.

Join the Green Revolution Make the space magical with the addition of a monstera from The Plant Factory.

Shop our collection to choose the perfect one to add to your home or office decor. Enjoy the lush, tropical beauty of these plants year-round with or without a green thumb.