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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
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Large Palm treeLarge Palm tree
Large Palm tree
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185cm Artificial Palm Tree185cm Artificial Palm Tree
185cm Artificial Palm Tree
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150cm Artificial Fan Palm Tree150cm Artificial Fan Palm Tree
150cm Artificial Fan Palm Tree
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168cm Artificial Palm Tree168cm Artificial Palm Tree
168cm Artificial Palm Tree
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112cm Artificial Palm Tree *Pre-order*112cm Artificial Palm Tree *Pre-order*
112cm Artificial Palm Tree *Pre-order*
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65cm Artificial Palm Tree65cm Artificial Palm Tree
65cm Artificial Palm Tree
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129cm Artificial Palm Tree129cm Artificial Palm Tree
129cm Artificial Palm Tree
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150cm Artificial Palm Tree150cm Artificial Palm Tree
150cm Artificial Palm Tree
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151cm Artificial Palm Tree151cm Artificial Palm Tree
151cm Artificial Palm Tree
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200cm Artificial Palm Tree200cm Artificial Palm Tree
200cm Artificial Palm Tree
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190m Artificial Palm Tree190m Artificial Palm Tree
190m Artificial Palm Tree
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130cm Artificial Bamboo Palm *Pre-Order*
130cm Artificial Bamboo Palm *Pre-Order*
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91cm Artificial Fan Palm *Pre-order*91cm Artificial Fan Palm *Pre-order*
91cm Artificial Fan Palm *Pre-order*
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140cm Artificial Palm Tree *Pre-order*140cm Artificial Palm Tree *Pre-order*
140cm Artificial Palm Tree *Pre-order*
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150cm Artificial Bamboo Palm *Pre-Order*150cm Artificial Bamboo Palm *Pre-Order*
150cm Artificial Bamboo Palm *Pre-Order*
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Artificial Palm Tree

Elevate Your Space with Designer Artificial Palm Trees

You can easily take your indoor living space or workplace into a green paradise with the elegant collection of Artificial Palm Trees from The Plant Factory.

We offer top-tier and lifelike greenery that ensures you enjoy the beauty of nature without the hassle of maintenance.

Add a bit of tropical class to your home or workplace with our Artificial Palm Trees. They are the perfect way of adding a touch of something extra to your space using Fake Palm Trees.

Experience the Lifelike Beauty of Artificial Palm Trees We take pride in producing at the Plant Factory the artificial palm trees that perfectly depict the beauty and allure of the natural protΓ©gΓ©s.

Each Faux Palm Tree designed with thoughtful care, mimicking every detail of an authentic palm tree right down to textural details of the leaves and graceful arch of the fronds. From towering 215cm specimens to petite 65cm varieties, there is an indoor palm for almost any space available.

Enhance Every Room with Artificial Palm Trees

Living Room Retreat:

Transform your living room into a tropical oasis with our 215cm Artificial Palm Tree. With lifelike, long green foliage and full height, this plant makes the perfect one for adding that dramatic statement to a space. Dramatically tall with fronds in lifelike green, this will make a dramatic focal piece or tuck into an empty alcove to give the location just the right touch of greenery. Paired with woven rattan furniture and plush cushions, this faux palm tree will transport you to a coastal paradise.

Bedroom Serenity:

Create a tranquil retreat in your bedroom with our 140cm Artificial Palm Tree.

It is very flexible with the small dimensions, just sitting on the top of a bedside table or dresser. Our Fake Palm Trees can be placed next to a window to receive sunlight or a plant added in a corner that receives little light. This palm tree is made to feel and look so real with perfect additions for nature lovers who wish to have palms in the sanctuary without wanting to take care of them.

Versatile Placement Options for Artificial Palm Trees

One of the greatest advantages of artificial plants is their versatility in placement. These artificial palm trees can't live just about anywhere indoors, in contrast to real plants, which can live very finicky about where they receive the proper lighting and environmental conditions needed. From sunny window sills to dark corners, there's no place your Artificial Palm Tree can't go.

Experiment with places to find the perfect spot for your fake palm tree that will not only add to your existing decor but also enhance the overall ambiance of your space.

Elevate Your Space with The Plant Factory's Artificial Palm Trees Briefly, in general, The Plant Factory gives a natural-looking collection of its appropriately adorning Artificial Palm Trees for any interiors.

Whether you're turning your living room into a tropical paradise or transforming your bedroom into the quiet retreat of the century, our fake palm trees set the stage for it all.

Surefire winner: The natural characteristic of our artificial palm trees, are easy to maintain, and are versatile in placement of our Artificial Palm Trees make it the best solution to upgrade your place with a touch of nature.

Shop our designer artificial palm tree collection now.