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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
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180cm Artificial Olive Tree *Pre-order*180cm Artificial Olive Tree *Pre-order*
180cm Artificial Olive Tree *Pre-order*
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155cm Artificial Olive Tree *Pre-order*155cm Artificial Olive Tree *Pre-order*
155cm Artificial Olive Tree *Pre-order*
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125cm Artificial Olive Tree *Pre-order*125cm Artificial Olive Tree *Pre-order*
125cm Artificial Olive Tree *Pre-order*
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Artificial Olive Tree

Renew the look of your space with the real look of Artificial Olive Trees from The Plant Factory!

We have in store the incredibly realistic Artificial Olive Trees from The Plant Factory, a choice that will surely bring Mediterranean serenity right to the interiors of your house. We make sure each faux olive tree that goes into our collection is thoroughly thought-out, so that it can give your space the warm rustic feeling of olive groves, tuning it into a piece of natural elegance. It doesn’t matter if you’re designing a comfy and spacious reading nook, a welcoming office space or picturesque outdoor patio, these decorative faux olive trees will lift the décor in your incomparable house.

Such a level of detail is astonishing. Not only does the artist account for the plethora of leaf colours, but also for the multitude of branch textures. You'll have to get them into your own hands to make sure that they are not real. And the best part? There's no upkeep needed, hence your planters will bring delight any time of the year!

Study our stock and settle with the perfect faux Olive Tree for the design of your room and add a pinch of Mediterranean flavour into your room.

Comfort instead of anxiety. Is your house now a perfect retreat? Go for our most realistic faux Olive Trees online store and design your own space.

Mediterranean Elegance: Go with a Faux Olive Trees

The Mediterranean style appreciates the ease of which the traditional elements of rural life and nature come together.

Picture this: the magnificence of the 1.8 meters faux Olive Tree located in a corner of your living room, whose elegant branches pointed to the ceiling of the room, the image of the ancient olive groves. Do you like its discreet elegance and small size of 125 cm Artificial Olive Tree or the fact that its size is perfect for a cozy reading corner or an intimate dining room setting?

Whether it is big or small, each fake Olive Tree you add comes with a hint of elegance and cosiness, the sign of that picturesque coast of the Mediterranean. The lifelike leaves and the touchable bark of the branches will bring you to a colourful terrace where the scent of olives merges with the sea breeze.

However, it is not only about the beauty of the place; it is about the creation of an atmosphere, a sensation of relaxation and peacefulness one delights in when one thinks of the Mediterranean living. Be it setting a cozy ambiance with friends at a dinner party or making the evening a relaxing experience after work, our indistinguishable from real Olive Trees are just what is needed to create moments of quiet and togetherness in your living space.

Made possible by our Faux Olive Trees, you can follow the footsteps of Mediterranean elegance and introduce the resemblance of the olive groves into your home. By using our lifelike fake Olive Trees. Dig into our collection now and identify the tree that will give your room the needed Mediterranean feel and the everlasting appeal of the coast.

Artificial Olive Trees Crafted for Realism

The Plant Factory is all about elevating the level of realism in our faux plants. Each artificial Olive Tree is tailored to capture the beauty and essence of a real olive tree. The exquisite detail in which we make the leaves or the lifelike look of branches on our faux Olive Trees will give you the sure feeling that you are looking at a real one. The 180cm Artificial Olive Tree, with its impressive sweeping branches and profuse foliage, spreads an air of grandeur; hence, it is a good centre piece for the large rooms.

Low-Maintenance Beauty of Artificial Olive Trees

A key advantage of the fake Olive Trees is that they do not require a lot of effort for maintenance. Unlike with real plants that require a regular watering and pruning, our artificial Olive Trees demand only minimal regular attention. Just put them in the place which is most pleasing to the eyes and forget about the hassle of watering and wilting leaves. Enjoy them year-round. The 155cm Artificial Olive Tree, suitable for any size space, comes with a slack trunk which makes it an appropriate decoration for smaller spaces like apartments and offices.

The Versatile Décor Options of Artificial Olive Trees

From a modern look with minimal furniture to classic homely décor, our fake Olive Trees will blend well with any style. Pick from different sizes and styles to fit your room size, from a small potted tree to highlight your entryway to a tall, signature tree which anchors your sitting room. At 125cm with a dense foliage, this fake Olive Tree brings the Mediterranean sunshine into the smallest corners of your space and makes a statement in larger rooms at 155cm.

Endless Decorating Possibilities with Artificial Olive Trees

Fake olive trees are not only beautiful, they are multi-functional. Spread them out to make your indoor living room or bedroom greener or create a relaxing outdoor living area on your patio. They give you this natural look that blends with any setting so it is very convenient when you want to bring your creative idea to life. Furthermore, they come in the sizes of 125cm and 155cm which means that you can easily set up an artificial olive tree without sweating.

Add Mediterranean Charm to Your Space: Elevate with Lifelike Olive Trees Today!

Change your local surroundings by landscaping with lush artificial Olive Trees from The Plant Factory. From the flawless whites, golds and ochres of these beauties we are able to carry the rustic charm of an olive grove into any room to add a bit of mediterranean enchantment into our decorations. Apart from that, they’re easy to manage and have infinite uses, and that’s exactly why many people are adopting this trend. Are you kindle to shift your space into a green habitual? Surf our Mediterranean products, and they'll be giving a bit of the sundown to your space immediately!

Artificial Olive Trees have become a cornerstone in contemporary home design, offering a blend of rustic charm and modern elegance. Perfect for those who appreciate the Mediterranean aesthetic but lack the time or environment for real trees, these faux olive trees provide an effortless way to enhance any space. In this guide, we'll explore how you can incorporate Artificial Olive Trees into your home, adhering to decor trends, suitable rooms, and effective potting techniques.

The Appeal of Artificial Olive Trees

Artificial Olive Trees are beloved for their versatility and low maintenance. They bring a touch of nature indoors without the hassle of watering, pruning, or sunlight requirements. These trees fit seamlessly into various decor styles, from minimalist to bohemian, making them a favourite among interior designers and homeowners alike.

Decor Trends Featuring Artificial Olive Trees
In 2024, home decor trends continue to emphasise sustainability and natural elements, making Artificial Olive Trees a perfect fit. They are commonly used in:

Nature-inspired designs: Integrating elements of nature into interior design to enhance connectivity to the natural environment.

Minimalist Interiors: Acting as a subtle yet impactful focal point in minimalist designs without cluttering the space.
Rustic Mediterranean Themes: Enhancing homes with a warm, sun-baked palette that complements the silvery-green leaves and gnarled trunks of Artificial Olive Trees.
Incorporating Artificial Olive Trees in Various Rooms
Living Room

In the living room, an Artificial Olive Tree can act as a stunning centrepiece or a discreet corner accent. Place a large Artificial Olive Tree in a well-lit corner or beside a window to draw the eye and add depth to the room. The tree pairs well with both bright and neutral colour schemes, enhancing the overall aesthetic without overwhelming it.


A smaller Artificial Olive Tree can bring a touch of freshness to your kitchen. Situate it in a sunny spot on your countertop or beside the dining area to emulate the feel of dining in a Mediterranean grove. It’s also a charming addition to a kitchen island, offering a burst of greenery amidst your culinary workspace.


Create a serene retreat in your bedroom with an Artificial Olive Tree placed in a decorative pot. Position it in a corner next to a window or next to the reading chair. The calming presence of greenery can help in creating a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.

Home Office

Enhance your productivity and mood by incorporating an Artificial Olive Tree into your home office setup. The presence of green elements is known to reduce stress and boost creativity. Place a medium-sized Artificial Olive Tree near your desk or in a visible spot to enjoy its beauty while you work.

Potting Techniques for Artificial Olive Trees
The choice of pot is crucial in maximising the impact of your Artificial Olive Tree. Here are a few tips:

Choose the Right Size: The pot should be large enough to stabilise the tree yet proportional to its size. A pot that is too small can make your Artificial Olive Tree top-heavy and prone to tipping.

Material Matters: Opt for materials that complement your home’s decor. Terracotta pots work beautifully for a traditional look, while metallic or concrete pots suit modern interiors.
Add Decorative Elements: Though your Artificial Olive Tree does not require soil, adding a layer of decorative stones or moss can enhance its realistic appearance and add to its visual appeal.

Artificial Olive Trees are a beautiful and practical choice for bringing a slice of the Mediterranean into your home. Whether used as a statement piece or a subtle accent, these faux olive trees can transform any space, providing a timeless elegance that complements various decor styles. By selecting the appropriate size, style, and placement, and by utilising creative potting techniques, you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of an Artificial Olive Tree in your home, making it a focal point of your decor for years to come.