Founded in 2023 in Sydney, Australia, The Plant Factory emerged from a shared love for plants and trees, tempered by the practical challenges of caring for them amidst busy lifestyles.

Frustrated by the lack of realistic options on the market, we set out to curate our own selection of designer artificial plants, each one carefully crafted to emulate nature's beauty authentically.

Our collection of artificial plants is designed to seamlessly integrate into various decor styles, from laid-back boho to the clean lines of modern aesthetics.

Versatile & accommodating, our artificial plants find a perfect spot in homes, offices, restaurants, and cafes, adding a touch of nature without the fuss.

At The Plant Factory, we believe that everyone deserves a piece of nature's beauty without compromising on their lifestyle.

Welcome to a world where greenery meets practicality, and where our curated collection of designer artificial plants transforms any space into a haven of natural elegance.

If you have any questions or need help choosing the perfect artificial plants for your decor type get in touch with us today at